Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale from Parallel 49 Brewing

Well the slick labels and cool bottles continue to impress and stimulate my curiosity. I like this beer’s attitude. It reminds me of Kevin Bieksa’s during his first season. It looks the part, it has an edge, and some attitude, but it’s better days are ahead.

This beer is dark and rich with a nice head. It has a spicy taste I moderate intensity and a sugary finish.

I don’t think this beer is quite as bad as Kevin was his first year (my nickname for him was “biexcrement”)…. Hahaha, it’s funny now because he is so awesome!!!

Now, if only I had a cup to put this in… Let’s see… Nope no cups here. Tastes better out of a glass anyway:)

Score 3.5/5 G1

Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale from Parallel 49 Brewing

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