Abita Beer, Redhead Gastro Pub, New York

The day after my birthday I had planned on visiting Motorino Pizzeria, but some local friends of mine recommended the Redhead, a tiny restaurant in the East Village. Coincidentally, it was less than a block from Motorino.

This choice did not disappoint. The beer selection was Abita Brewing of New Orleans, chosen to complement their signature shrimp and grits.

I sank a pint (or three) of Abita Restoration Pale Ale with glee (5/5).  The guy at the bar (Rob, the owner, from the video) said it was the beer used to make the beer cheese.  I devoured some of that cheese accompanied by the Redhead’s homemade pretzels. Oh my ghaaaawd they were good!  Dope!  Just Dope!

My friend who doesn’t reeeeally like beer, opted for the Abita Purple Haze raspberry flavored beer. It had a delightfully subtle fruit taste to take the edge off (3.75/5).

After being seated we dug into the shrimp and grits and biscuits. The plates look small, and while I secretly considered a late night visit to Motorino, I realized after this meal, I was too full, and that would be impossible.

Afterward, my friends surprised me with a piece of “birthsterday” cake, and sang to me, while I sang to the stranger next to me… Thus making it appear as though it was HIS birthday, not mine, as I was a little embarrassed.

After getting home to Vancouver, my wife found an episode of diners and dives about the redhead. Noooo Waaaay!  Go to 12:45 to see the Redhead.

As a bonus for you Vancouverites, check out the rebirth of the neon pig, the Save-On-Meats show just before The Redhead (starting about 6:10).  It would be a great place to visit just before visiting Bitter Tasting Room across the street:).  Ah, I see a post in the future.

Abita Pale Ale


Shrimp n grits

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