Fernie Brewing "What the Huck" Huckleberry Wheat Ale

It is a foggy day today up on the hill in Port Moody, and i am having an afternoon tall boy to get ready for the Canucks first round 3 playoff appearance since 1994.

I am sporting a sugar hangover from my son’s first birthday party yesterday, so a huckleberry beer seems like a good idea.

Appearance: Good head and good body. Hazy with a mysterious purple tint that seemed visible only while pouring, but then disappeared.

Flavour: Very faint fruity aroma. Smooth and creamy taste, with a finish that is mildly sweet (best described as “tart”) but very clean, and leaving you craving another sip.

After a few more sips, the fruity taste is a little more obvious, but the sugary aftertaste consistently vanishes after each sip..

This is a well-crafted beer that is only complemented by the very subtle fruit flavour. This is one of the best flavored beers I have ever had.

[xrr rating=4/5]


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