little Creatures Pale Ale (On Tap)

If you are in Fremantle, Australia, one of the best places to party is Little Creatures Brewery.  It is a huge warehouse-style building along the water, complete with a tin roof and huge patio.  Out back there is even a big party tent with great water views.  The only beer worth drinking is Little Creatures Pale Ale (illustrated but not rated).  The rest of the beer is not preservative free, and is therefore “piss.”


3 thoughts on “little Creatures Pale Ale (On Tap)

  1. I am a huge fan of Little Creatures Pale Ale. I was wondering if there was anything remotely similar o this beer in Canada, specifically Ontario?

    • I don’t think you will find little creatures, but you might find Coopers Sparkling Ale, or Coopers Pale Ale, imported from Australia. It also uses the preservative free in-bottle fermentation method. I am not aware of any Canadian beer brewed this way.
      Your best bet would be to look up an Australian bar (we have Mooses Down Under in Vancouver) and they will likely bring in a selection of beers to their bar, and may share their sources.

      As for taste, it isn’t really like a Canadian pale ale, more like an amber ale in taste, but it also resembles a hefeweizen with it’s fruitiness and fogginess.

      Ok bye:)

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