Little Creatures Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale Ale (Bottle)

Claremont, Australia

Little Creatures Pale Ale is one of my favourite Australian beers.  There aren’t many preservative-free beers to choose from that are readily accessible at your local bottle shop, and this is one of the best tasting.

They use an in-bottle fermentation method that leaves a residue in the bottle, which is a little strange.  A lot of bartenders will roll the bottle before opening it to place the residue in suspension, hoping we don’t notice.  I prefer to pour it slowly out of the bottle, leaving the dregs at the bottom.

Regardless of what you do, the beer will be cloudy.

Amber Colour, Cloudy, head 2/5
Aroma: Toffy Floral Bread 2/5 intensity, medium sweet, Impression 4/5
Flavour: Citrus: intensity 3/5 ;  Impression 4/5
Mouthfeel: Slick

General Impression 4.0/5 (G1)

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