The Perfect Spring Day, And Phillips Analogue 78 Kolsch

And now for something completely different!

This first day of the Easter long weekend was just the perfect Vancouver day.  It isn’t the trip to Stanley Park, or the afternoon de-thatching of my lawn that I would like to write about today.  For today I have figured out the answer to a question as old as time itself:

How do you change the low-beam bulb on a 2010 GLK 350?

Mercedes 2010 GLK Low Beam retainer clips

Mercedes 2010 GLK Low Beam retainer clips

This is a task that (after unscrewing the dust cover) must be done blind, with your arm reached deep into the car like you are birthing a calf.  To boot, the manual only provides a grainy drawing, and incorrect directions.

After unplugging the electrical wires, you will be left with the bulb held in place by a retaining wire.  The manual says to remove the wire, but really, all you need to do is hook your finger under the loop at the top and gently lift it upward toward the sky.  Don’t pull it toward you or “down” as the manual describes.


This will cause the hooked ends of the retaining wire to travel along a couple of grooves and separate, allowing you to pull the bulb out.  It can stay attached, you don’t have to “remove the wire clip” as the BULLSHIT instructions say.

BS Mercedes manual


Replace the bulb with the tab on the bottom, push the clip downward, and the bulb will be secure.

Tip:  Practice putting the spent bulb in and out a couple of times until you are proficient doing so without touching the glass, then do it for real with the new bulb.

Reattaching the wires and replacing the dust cover is pretty easy.

Use the money you save to buy a case of beer.  I am celebrating with a Phillips Analogue 78 Kolsch.  MMMM!