Cannery Brewing No Justice Pale

You see, I have this rule. I think a beer should have 5 percent alcohol.

I believe in this so much that I wrote article 2b section 5 of “The Official Lagerblogger Beer Grading Laws of the Game” to state; and I quote:

“Where a maximum overall score is 5/5, a beer shall only receive this maximum overall score if the alcohol content of said beer is 5% per unit volume or greater. Should a beer be tested with a lower alcohol content, the maximum attainable score shall not exceed that beer’s percent alcohol volume.”

In other words: this beer is awesome, but it has a shockingly low alcohol volume of… Wait for it… 3 percent!!! This means the maximum score i can give this beer is 3/5.

I mean, I can’t just ignore the rules because then there really would be no justice! I cant do it, it’s not like I am a criminal, or a liar, or a Boston Bruin, I have to do the right thing.

[xrr rating=3/5]


Driftwood Brewing Twenty Pounder Double IPA

Today I salute the Whitecaps who were defeated soundly by a Seattle squad today. I had the pleasure of attending the game, and despite a drunken shithead from Seattle sitting behind me, who obviously can’t handle Canadian strength beer, this final game at Empire Field was magical.

The Seattle fans are very impressive, (except for the one schmeeb), in that they are so obnoxious that it actually takes away from the pleasure of watching the game, but hey, you have to respect their exuberance.

Being with my dad made the night more special. Well, at least the night was special to me, he didn’t give a shit and wanted to leave with 30 minutes left to beat the traffic.

I attended games with him at old empire to watch the Whitecaps in the 70s and 80s. Now 85, my dad hasn’t changed a bit. He still loudly calls our players idiots as loud as he can anytime they make a mistake or miss a shot. Of course he is a dream fan for the opposition, since every shot the opposing team misses was “almost a goal.” Ah, you see? He can be positive!

Getting home now I am enjoying another driftwood pale ale, the Twenty Pounder. This one promises a more hoppy taste, and delivers exquisitely. The citrus hops have a nice edge that lingers for a satisfying length of time, then vanishes.

As expected, this double IPA has a little more edge than the fat tug IPA, but is still not so obnoxious takes that it actually takes away from the pleasure of… watching the game.

[xrr rating=4/5]


Driftwood Brewing Fat Tug IPA

I am not so sure about the title of this IPA… A “fat tug” sounds a lot like something they would serve upstairs at Brandy’s. This hoppy pleasure, however, is not delivered by some skank, but by an absolutely elegant establishment, Driftwood Brewing of Victoria BC.

This beer has a gorgeous head, nice Fresh aroma, and excellent taste that has just the right amount of bite.

The bitter but fresh aftertaste lingers for some time.

I enjoyed this beer ice cold, probably too cold. Tasting this warm would probably accentuate the taste, but it sure tastes great like this.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]