Bowen Island Brewing Hemp Blonde Ale

Leave it to Bowen Island Brewing to have a hippy-ass named brew like this. This beer has a mildly foggy look (imagine a hippy’s living room) with a dark amber colour(imagine a hippy’s teeth).

I don’t know why they would name it this, unless they actually put hemp in it… There are far better names with the same innuendo. “uncle herb’s blonde ale” or … Oh, “Bud” is already taken… Never mind…

as for the taste, it is sickly sweet and spicy like a sip of cheap sherry (just a lot milder, thank God).

Although this beer isn’t quite in the “what were they thinking!?” league of Gentleman Jim, or Father John (you can search my site if you don’t know what I am talking about…) it is most certainly bad.

It is a good thing they are putting this whizz in their combo pack, because there is no way anyone in their right mind would buy this.

Mind you, judging from the name, they are marketing it to stoners anyway… Maybe they are on to something.

[xrr rating=1.25/5]


Cannery Brewing 360 Lager

Finding accommodation in penticton is tough during the ironman weekend. As a result, the two past years while volunteering, I have had to stay in osoyoos. This gives my family a bit of a holiday, and I “get” to enjoy the gorgeous 50 minute drive to penticton every day.

This year we are staying at the watermark in, which has one of the few places you can sit and have a few drinks with baby in tow.

Today I am sampling a big bottle from wayermark’s well-selected beer menu.

This is a clear and beautifully colored lager.

The hardest perfection to achieve is the perfection of simplicity.

Unlike my other 5/5 lager, the Fisgard from lighthouse, this one achieves Canadian-style perfection.

Where the Fisgard brought me back to Germany, this one just made Canada a better place.

You could say this is a “well rounded” brew, or that it was brewed with good direction….

Whatever puns I come up with won’t be worthy of keeping you one more second away from trying this beer.

[xrr rating=5/5]


Phillips Brewing Hoperation Tripel Cross Belgian IPA

My wife just pointed out that Phillips has the best beer labels ever. As someone who dabbles in design, I have to agree. I often wonder how this blog will look in 20 years when we look back. I am sure by then just the word blog will be replaced, the same way “car phone” or “VCR” or “casette tape” are now dated words that time stamp prose with their respective decade of popularity.

This beer bombards your mouth with hoppy flavour, such as its label literally illustrates.

The aroma is strong and floral, and the taste is bitter and daring, but calmed by a citrus flavor that mellows out the complex spicy flavor.

This is an intense beer with excellent flavour, and if that isn’t enough to bomb you, the 8 percent alcohol content should get you on your way to being, well, bombed.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]