Whistler Brewing Whiskey Jack Ale

This beer is named after a leather bar on Vancouver’s Davies Street. Oh shit wait, no it isn’t… that’s “Pump Jack…” honest mistake!

The whiskey jack is a bird native to the forests surrounding Vancouver. They are so friendly that they will literally eat out of your hand, or your head, or pretty much any object on which food rests.

This beer is equally friendly. It has a nice copper colour, and full mouthfeel. It’s biggest feature is the mild clove flavor, which gives it a lot of personality.

[xrr rating=3.75/5]
Rating 3.75/5


Whistler Brewing Company Powder Mountain Lager

Whistler brewing has presented us with a superb lager, Powder Mountain Lager.

The bottle is whistler brewing’s usual slim necked (but slightly smaller than average) beauty. This one came in their “travel pack” which is a gorgeous mix pack, packaged in an old-school 2×6 12-pack (a throw back to the 70s and 80s…before I was allowed to drink)…(not much before).

The beer itself is lightly coloured and clear as the driven snow. The taste is actually not unlike a handful of powdery snow: clean and crisp.

This lager has a much cleaner taster than the export lager they presented last year, and is an excellent example of a great Canadian lager.

[xrr rating=4.75/5]


Whistler Brewing Company Weissbier Wheat Ale

It’s a great day in Vancouver. We enjoyed a Whitecaps game this afternoon in the sunshine, during this week-long break before the Canucks start the Stanley Cup Final…. No big deal, whatever…

This Weissbier was enjoyed with some nice barbecued chicken skewers on the deck. It is golden and foggy. It has a moderately intense aroma, of wheat and a hint of citrus. The taste is quite fruity, and the label was kind enough to point out that it has banana and clove flavors. It has a lot of body, making it a nice satisfying drink.

The flavors are nice and it has a smooth clean finish with no aftertaste.

[xrr rating=4/5]