Big Rock Gopher Lager

[xrr rating=4/5]


Well I am watching an absolute train-wreck of a hockey game (Luongo is melting down against the BlackHawks) while drinking a not-bad beer.  Little consolation.  Perhaps my buying a Calgary beer is making some Flames negative karma seep into the air.  Nah, superstitions are bad luck.

This beer has a nice clear golden colour, good head, nice citrus aroma, clean taste and drying mouthfeel, with a slightly wheat aftertaste.

This is a nice tasting Canadian style lager.



Granville Island Limited Release Imperial IPA

[xrr rating=4/5]


Well, the Canucks have provided us with yet another glorious win, dispatching the whiny Chicago Blackhawks again, giving the mighty Canucks a 2-0 lead in this playoff series, and making the Blackhawks look like little kids in the process.  Too bad for them.

This is a nice strong IPA, with 8.2% alcohol  (that’s what I’m talkin about!!), and it is in a big bottle to boot.

It has a rich foggy appearance and an amber colour.

The aroma is moderately strong, and a little fruity.  My impression is a bit of an apricot smell.  The taste is strong and dry, with a lingering bitter finish that is not unpleasant at all.

Delivers a strong ipa taste which will deter the wimpy (no Blackhawks allowed), but not so strong to be off-putting.  Maybe I will send one to Raffi Torres.  He would like it.

Whistler Black Tusk Ale

[xrr rating=4/5]


From the peak of Whistler mountain you can see a majestic black monolith of a mountain in the distance, called “Black Tusk.”  Thousands of people scramble to the top of this crumbling chimney of volcanic rock every year.  If you are like me and suffer from vertigo, you will spend the first ten minutes laying face down at the top seemingly holding on for dear life,  while getting de-sensitized to the height.  Funny though, everyone else seemed to be walking around just fine.

Well, too many of these could make you dizzy too, but in a good way.

Believe it or not, I was very surprised at how dark this beer was when it came out of the bottle, then I read the name and I was like “oh yah, okay that makes sense.”

Everything is beautiful about this beer.  The bottle is dark glass with a custom insignia embossed on it.  The label is trimmed with gold and has a photo of the actual black tusk, (and an elephant too, just in case you don’t know what mountain that is).  The clarity and colour of the beer are absolutely beautiful to look at, as is the gorgeous head on the glass.

The aroma is slightly bitter, and almost bready.  There is a moderately intense but smooth taste of bitter chocolate, and a gradually fading sweet aftertaste.


4/5 G1