Big Rock Traditional Ale

[xrr rating=3.75/5]


It’s Easter Sunday today, and the Canucks are preparing to play Game 6 in Chicago after blowing a 3-0 series lead.

Well, here’s to wishful thinking.  After watching Roberto Luongo have epic BlackHawk melt-downs for, let’s see, the second time of this playoffs, (third this season), in addition to another five or so melt-downs in previous playoffs, I am very skeptical that he will fare well in Game 6 today. I think they should have played Schneider in Game 5, no pressure, and if that didn’t work, let Lou play it out, but now?  With Lou starting, let’s now hope Lou becomes a human wall.

In order to dull my senses before watching Coach V and Lou lead my team to potential slaughter once more, I am having a Big Rock Traditional Ale.

The head was much better than the photo lets on, but it does fade quite quickly into a shallow white slick.   The aroma is mild with just a hint of sweetness.  The taste is full, and makes me want to eat a steak at Hy’s, or at least chomp into a burger.  It has a nice rich filling taste.  There is a mild caramel taste, and a slight aftertaste that is just a little nutty, not particularly pleasant if you are on an empty stomach like I am right now.


Big Rock Grasshopper

[xrr rating=3.25/5]


Big Rock Grasshopper is a wheat ale from Alberta.  Apparently they grow wheat there, so….

Compared to most wheat ales, Grasshopper is clear, and has a citrus aroma, and smooth lager-like taste.

Apparently after brewing the first batch, the brewmaster had a grasshopper hit his windshield, and thus this beer was a tribute. I wonder what the last thing going through that grasshopper’s head was?  This is a fine beer, and a little different.

Judging from the Canucks’ performance tonight, perhaps they should be renamed the Grasshoppers.  EEEESH!

Anyhoo, I reviewed this beer last October, and this time around this beer has fared not much better.  The head is still weak, but it has a nice clean taste, and despite the outcome of the game, the beer tastes great during spring hockey.


Big Rock Brewing Warthog Pale Ale

[xrr rating=3.75/5]



Well this beer is helping drown my sorrows a little, as Roberto Luongo collapsed like he does every year against the Blackhawks, and as did the Canucks (subsequently, I think) in front of him.  The stupid Hawks won 7-2.  That’s just great!

Anyway.  This beer isn’t bad.  It has a nice copper colour, mild head, mild floral aroma and a smooth caramelly and slightly flowery taste.

I especially like the back label which includes a blurb about the putlrity law, and the brewery’s commitment to quality. In addition, they mentioned their beer is named after an erratic south of Calgary.  Yah, that’s good to know.