Bowen Island Extra Pale Ale

How pale is it?

I actually bought this taster pack because it came with a free trucker hat. Finally having a sweet beer blog is gettin me some swag, bitches!!!

The colour is a nice dark colour. Unfortunately, this beer only came in cans.

The head was massive! Took a while to pour because of it , and it remained luxurious for a nice long time.

It has a moderately intense bitter aroma, and a beautiful caramel taste.

Still, it wasn’t terribly exciting, but there is certainly nothing wrong with it.

The head coated my glass with a gorgeous Belgian lace, a sign of a well crafted ale.

I really need to try some bad beers. I am much more fun when I call a beer revolting piss, instead of giving it good reviews.


Sleeman Original Draft

It’s the beginning of fall with summer-like conditions. My deck is under renovations, so this is enjoyed on the living room couch, with my 4 month old son taking a nap in his swing.

Parenting is easy!

After a long hiatus from anything sleemans, I have taken the huge step of trying sleemans again.

This batch is served ice cold. The head is nice and persistent.

There is a mild bready aroma, and good body, with a creamy mouthfeel.

There is a refreshing citrus aftertaste that vanishes completely.