Dead Frog Honey Brown

Dead frog honey brown
Copper moderate head, clear
Moderate aroma, sharp and clean. Toast
Slightly creamier mouthfeel
Slightly fruity taste nicely balanced.
Bittersweet drying aftertaste is a little long, especially toward the bottom of the bottle.

Not horrible, but there are far better beers out there than Dead Frog.


Dead Frog Lager

Dead Frog Brewing hails from Aldergrove BC, and is about three years old.

The only dead frog beer I tried last year was the 2 1/2 year anniversary ale. Not only was it terrible, it was quite possible the most terrible beer I have ever tasted. To their credit, at least they don’t make it anymore.

This years offerings are a little more worthy of trying.

Dead Frog beers have cure names and clever labels. They even have custom bottles with their logo embossed in the glass. This case actually had half regular bottles and half custom bottles, with a card saying they were sorry.

Their campy style carries over to their labels. A single small label on the neck (with no main label) is attached in a loose and wrinkly fashion.

Perhaps there is more care taken in the brewing of their beer than in the bottling and handling. After all, I have seen beers from half way around the world handled better than this one, which came from 30 minutes up hwy 1.

Dead frog lager
Gold, brilliant, head 2/5
Aroma mild intensity, hint of grass smell (like the floor of a dairy barn)
Corn taste, toasty grass taste, very slight, not unpleasant.
Flat in the mouth with a drying quality
No aftertaste. It literally disappears, like eating a piece of white bread.
Similar to a molson Canadian, but with just a little more edge. And more body.