Mash Pale Ale

Mash Brewing Pale Ale

It is a great session here at Mash Brewing in the Swan Valley.   I had a Little Creatures Pale Ale earlier on, and a few minutes ago we had the wheat beer here at Mash, and now moving on to the Pale Ale.

  • The colour is Amber, Brilliant, weakest head of the day, but still not bad.
  • Intense Citrus aroma (4/5), sharp (4/5), impression 4/5 overall
  • Intense floral flavour, like sucking on flower petals (4/5) sweet, overall 4/5
  • Slick mouthfeel, body 4/5 and carbonation 4/5
  • Finish length 4/5, intesnsity 4/5 and surprisingly bitter.

General Impression
Craftsmanship: 5/5, Freshness 5/5,

Personal Taste, A respectable 4.3/5 (G3)

This beer is really smooth drinking at G3.  Also, this is a good place, and the pours are good.  I could drink these all night.

Mash Wunderbier, Swan Valley, Australia

Mash Brewery "Wunderbier"

The Mash Wunderbier was a tribute to Oktoberfest, and the great beers of Bavaria.  With its brilliant copper look, I would have guessed it was a Pale Ale.

However, the bartender assured me that the kegs were not mixed up, and the correct beer was exiting the tap and hitting my glass (and my stomach).

Looking at the photo, you can see why I didn’t really care.  I couldn’t wait for this cold one to hit my lips.

  • Colour, Copper, brilliant, head 4/5
  • Chocolate Aroma with a 3/5 intensity, on the sweet side (2/5) impression is a 4/5
  • Flavour of caramel, intensity of 4/5, sweetness 2/5, Impression 4/5
  • Body 2/5, Carbonation 3/5

Mash Brewery, November 2009
Overall Rating: 4/5 (G4)

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