little Creatures Pale Ale (On Tap)

If you are in Fremantle, Australia, one of the best places to party is Little Creatures Brewery.  It is a huge warehouse-style building along the water, complete with a tin roof and huge patio.  Out back there is even a big party tent with great water views.  The only beer worth drinking is Little Creatures Pale Ale (illustrated but not rated).  The rest of the beer is not preservative free, and is therefore “piss.”


Little Creatures Pilsner, Fremantle, Australia

Whatever you do, don't drink this beer!!!

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle, Australia


I can’t believe I am wasting my time even writing about this terrible stuff.

  • Appearance, Straw Medium Clarity
  • Poor Head.  The bartender actually shook the glass to give it head before he served it.  That doesn’t say much about the brewery staff.
  • Bread Aroma 4/5 intensity, sharp (4/5), Neutral Impression.
  • Flavour is corn/chemical with a 3/5 intensity, sharp, overall impression 3/5
  • Slick mouthfeel, watery, carbonation 2/5
  • Length, 2/5, intensity 3/5 Balance, medium bitter.
  • Craftsmanship, 1/5, Freshness 2/5, Personal taste 0/5

This stuff is boring, and gross.  I actually broke my rule, and didn’t drink it.   The chemical taste is all too common in an Australian beer.

This is “piss.”


Little Creatures Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale Ale (Bottle)

Claremont, Australia

Little Creatures Pale Ale is one of my favourite Australian beers.  There aren’t many preservative-free beers to choose from that are readily accessible at your local bottle shop, and this is one of the best tasting.

They use an in-bottle fermentation method that leaves a residue in the bottle, which is a little strange.  A lot of bartenders will roll the bottle before opening it to place the residue in suspension, hoping we don’t notice.  I prefer to pour it slowly out of the bottle, leaving the dregs at the bottom.

Regardless of what you do, the beer will be cloudy.

Amber Colour, Cloudy, head 2/5
Aroma: Toffy Floral Bread 2/5 intensity, medium sweet, Impression 4/5
Flavour: Citrus: intensity 3/5 ;  Impression 4/5
Mouthfeel: Slick

General Impression 4.0/5 (G1)