Suntory Beer

I was really planning on tasting more Taiwan Beer brands, but couldn’t find the rest at the corner store just yet. So, instead, I opted for this beer, Suntory. I think it’s from Japan.
It was a straw Gold colour, brilliant. The head was lively but short-lived. The aroma is a 3.5 in intensity, and a 4/5 in sharpness. Overall, my impression of the aroma is a 3.5/5
APPLES!!! This beer tastes like apple juice. Seriously, I think this might be apple juice. It’s not. It says 5% alcohol on the label.
The taste is sweet and slightly caramel (and apples). (fuji or gala apples to be precise). (Must be fuji apples).
The taste is an intense 5/5.
The mouthfeel is creamy, with a medium body. The finish is long and sweet.
As for craftsmanship, this is not a boring beer. I got excited, but it’s partially because I don’t know what I am drinking. This could be cider. I have never had cider. So much is unknown! Some beers aren’t session beers because they are hoppy, but this one is not a session beer because it is so sweet.
If they threw apple flavouring in this, I will be really upset, but if it’s just apple hops, that’s okay. Still, not much respect for this brew, but it was good fun. 3.3/5

Suntory in a hotel water glass... Crispy

Taiwan Gold

It was a joyous afternoon, enjoying my second Taiwanese beer of the day, and watching the World Games on my 42-inch plasma perched at the foot of my king-size bed at the Tango Nanshi in Taipei.
The event on TV was the former Olympic event “Tug-Of-War” (my favourite). Tug of war embodies all qualities of obedience, communication, teamwork, and strength.
Taiwan Beer Gold Medal is a distinctive flavour lager beer (at least so it says on the label, except for spelling flavour the American way).
It is a clear straw colour, with a brilliant head (2/5). The aroma is less intense than Taiwan beer. It is more floral and slightly sweet with maybe a hint of chocolate, but still mostly grain. It is a nice aroma that penetrates the nose, but does so gently.
There is definitely a chocolaty and nutty sweetness to the taste with an intensity of 3/5. Overall, I rate the taste a 4.1/5.
The body is a 3/5 and the carbonation is a 2/5.
The finish is weaker than Taipei original (2.5/5) and faint 1.2/5. The balance is on the sweet side.
The craft is good (3.9/5) and it definitely has a fresh taste (4.5/5).
Overall, I rate it at a 4.2/5. Sure, I’ll drink it.

Taiwan Gold Medal

Taiwan Beer

This entry is late, very very late. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to my reader (yes, you) for this very late entry to my blog.
At 5 am I arrived in Taoyuan airport outside Taipei after a relatively quick-feeling 11-hour flight from Vancouver. I then waited 75 minutes to catch a bus which travelled for 15 minutes to arrive at the bullet train station.
I purchased my ticket to Taiwan, then wandered to the 7-11.
There it was! Taiwan Beer. I looked for all the Taiwan beers I could…
But I found only one. The distinctive piano key label of Taiwan Beer. But 5 am it was, and having found it so quickly, I knew it would be easy to find later.
I caught the bullet train, checked my bag into my hotel. Check in time wasn’t until 1:00 (also beer 0‘clock). So I then wandered around taipei, visiting Taipei 101, as well as the museum of modern art. I ate some baked goods which for some reason are really good in Taipei. WOW.
I then wandered to the 7-11 (omnipresent in Taiwan) which was located at the subway station, and brought it back to the Tango Nanshi Hotel where I was staying.
By the way, this was one small but pimpin’ hotel room. I highly recommend this place.
The beer is a gold/straw colour, with a good head, slightly more yellow than your typical Canadian Lager. The head was good and brilliant, but short-lived. The aroma was a 3.5/5 in intensity, and slightly sharp. My overall impression was neutral.
The aroma was slightly toasty and earthy.
The flavour is a 3.5/5 in intensity with a grain and nut quality (maybe rice?) The taste overall is smooth and well-balanced, a nice 4.5/5.
The mouth feel is drying with lively carbonation. The finish was medium to long and moderate in intensity, well balanced initially, with a little sweetness at the end.
This is the first rice beer I have tasted. I give it a 4/5 for craft and 4/5 for freshness.
I liked it fine and dandy, thank you! Overall, a 4.2/5.
So, why is it the best? check out my next entry.

Taiwan Beer, From the 7-11, Taipei

Taipei 101

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei