Ninkasi “Total Domination” IPA

Ninkasi “Total Domination” IPA

Well our hockey holiday is soon coming to an end! I have absolutely loved my vacation from the coolest game on Earth. I quivered with hope while the Whitecaps played their first playoff game in October. I watched a Lions game, and I wrote about it even.

But there’s more….

I had all this free time! I used some of it to build this race car bed from scratch for my 2 and a half year-old. Rumour has it that the hockey strike was even good for the Vancouver economy.

When you think about it, the hours we would have spent watching hockey: 40 games, at three hours, well that’s three work weeks… and that’s only if you watch one team.

Of course there are a lot of good things to arise from having a hockey team: it makes a city a nicer place to live; People drink more, perhaps and bars and restaurants flourish; every 17 years glaziers have brisk business; there is something also called “joy” that people seem to appreciate.


With the joy, for a Canuck fan of 40 years, is the pain and disappointment of the past. We look upon the past few years as a golden time. I think the turning point was February 2nd 2009 against the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Canucks were on an 8 game winless streak. Alain Vignault had just placed Alexandre Burrows on the top line with the Sedins a few games before, and Burrows broke a 3-3 tie with just over a minute left to send GM Place into pandemonium.

He celebrated by (not really) snapping his stick over his knee, to “snap” the losing streak, and this moment turned out to be the turning point for the season, and some say, the franchise.

They finsished the season strong, and I was starting to look like a hockey genius (more on that later).

A few months later Burrows signed a reasonably good contract with a discount, and shared with us his vision for the Vancouver Canucks.

He wanted to create a “dynasty” in Vancouver.

He said it: “dynasty.”

Let me explain


I had tickets to the Game against the Carolina Hurricanes that night, it was that day that I made my boldest prediction of all time: The Canucks are going to win, they are going to dominate the rest of the season, and they are going to win five straight Stanley Cups. Not One, FIVE… CANUCK DYNASTY!!

I don’t think this past four years is quite a dynasty, but it isn’t bad, especially in the salary cap era. Two straight President’s trophies, and I have lost count of how many division titles.

This is the best team I have ever seen. I don’t mean the best Canucks team. This is the best team I have ever seen.


When they didn’t win in 2009, I thought “four out of five ain’t bad.” That number reduced to three, and then two. Now it has reduced to one.

In this shortened season, dare we dream of “total domination” on the ice? Another scoring title? A hat trick of president’s trophies, an undefeated post-season….an amazing IPA from Oregon with perfectly balanced hops, a nice bite, and delicious aftertaste.

So far one of those things has come true, and one out of five isn’t bad!

Ninkasi “Total Domination” IPA
5/5 G1

Ninkasi “Total Domination” IPA

Tin Whistle “Scorpion” Double IPA

So I am watching the BC Lions play the Hamilton Tiger Cats on Friday and the Lions are up by three touchdowns, the Tiger-Cats are playing like shit, I am feeling really good, and in a move of obvious frustration, Tiger-Cats safety Dee Webb creams BC Lions wide receiver Marco Ianuzzi with a blind-sided hit to the back of the head well before the ball arrives.

Now the past few days on Team 1040, all I am hearing is “oh, should it be a one game suspension or a fine, well the guy was falling down and, I think the hit would have been well-timed except the ball didn’t land close enough to him and….it’s part of the game and…”

Are you fucking kidding me?

Unfortunately, it seems that nobody on the planet who watches CFL has an internet connection, and so, that is the only video I could find of the hit.  What was obvious to me was that the receiver Marco Ianuzzi started falling backward, and THEN, Dee Webb decided to lower his shoulder and explode into the back of Ianuzzi’s head… Not with wrapped arms, mind you, but with a shoulder to the back of the head.

As somebody who knows a thing or two about contact sports, and concussions, this is the type of play that should not occur in any league.  What Dee Webb did was disrespectful and deserving of severe punishment.

The rumblings have been to suspend him for one game or give him a fine… Really?  One game?  You scramble a guy’s brain from behind and you give him one game?  There was absolutely no excuse for a hit like that!

Last I heard, The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are issuing a “Team Suspension” for the hit.  I know these, it’s when the coach throws you on the bench and points his finger at you and shakes his head in disgust… then swings around 5 minutes later, subtly pumping his fist and says with quiet enthusiasm “NICE HIIIIT !!!!!”  It happened to me all the time.  It’s a joke!

Needless to say, I am stunned by this whole situation.

Speaking of being stunned, the “Scorpion” Double IPA from Tin Whistle brewing is a “big, bold and extreme” IPA with 8% alcohol and 650 mls of copper-coloured goodness.

It is a little sweet off the top with a gentle bite, and a well-rounded finish.  It has a lot of body, excellent thick head, and leaves nice rings in my glass.  I think this beer looks the part, and delivers a nice drinking experience.


4.5 /5




Australia’s Lion Nathan Promises Natural Beer

My respect to Lion Nathan who in December of 2008 unveiled that they are releasing a line of beers free of additives and preservatives.
By doing this they will be the provider (believe it or not) of about half of the known natural beers produced in Australia.
Ironically, it was James Boag’s Beer, produced by Lion Nathan, which gave me the infamous Sydney Hangover of 2003, thus spawning the creation of my beer law.
Beers brewed in compliance with the Natural Beer Promise include: XXXX GOLD – the largest mid-strength brand and second largest beer brand in Australia; Tooheys NEW – the third largest brand nationally; West End Draught – South Australia’s number 1 brew; XXXX BITTER; Tooheys OLD; Swan Draught.
I was so pleased to see this happen, I sent an email to Lion Nathan telling them if they changed all their beers to all natural I would move there, if they also had an NHL team.
One step closer…
I can’t wait to rate them when I visit Australia… as well as a few for the Piss list? We’ll see…