Harvester Brewing Dark Ale is the Quintessential Portland Beer


Ah, the wonderful city of Portland.  The longer I am away from it, the more perfect it becomes in my mind.   Sure, it’s full of hippies, but look past that!  The people have a positivity about them.  It is like they are all on the same page.  Environment? Check!  None of this bullshit where flat-earthers tell them to “stop building transit” and  “fuck recycling, it’s a waste of time.”  Portland don’t play that!  Portland has no doubt.  Like it… or get out.

Portland is a city of progress, art, nature, and granola.

If you take the character of the city of Portland and put it in a bottle, you would get something like Harvester Brewing Dark Ale.  It is the quintessential Portland beer… or at least it should be.

A nice dark beer on Hawthorne on a summer evening, stressing about my 26 final exams, trying to escape… looking at the flickering lights of the Baghdad Theatre… Smelling pizza that I could hardly afford… This was Portland for me.

As I look at the belgian lace left on my pint glass on my desk, I am almost teleported back to that time, a nice time.  Not as nice as now, but nonetheless, a nice time.

This dark ale is a real treat, and the faint of heart should not shy away from it.  It has a smooth sweet taste.  The colour is a dark rich red.  It has excellent, persistent head.  There is an intense caramel aroma and caramel and liqueur taste.  The aftertaste lingers only for a few moments.

The intensity smooths out even more as you finish it, and the oatmeal taste begins to surface.

This is clean-tasting with excellent flavour, and a lot of personality.

Harvester Brewing Dark Ale

5/5 G1



Voyage of Beers, Heartland Brewery, Manhattan

I really wanted to visit Heartland Brewing while I was in town.  Having walked past them before, I assumed it was some kind of shitty tourist place. It’d we were one of those snobby beer connoisseurs I would probably poo poo this place, but I have to be honest, I loved it.  The waitress was great, and it was a family friendly place to have ribs and beer.

Since it is fleet week, it is also full of people in uniform getting their drink on, with a complement of hot sluts competing for their attention.  Good thing it is only 6pm, this place probably gets ugly late at night.

We started with the buffalo chicken spring rolls, an interesting twist on a Vancouver-Asian staple.  Then we had the “voyage of beer.”


It is like a cup of hot chocolate on the peak of a powdery mountain after slaying hip-deep tracks into it’s virgin slopes against a blue spring sky.


The beers are listed in the menu with number one starting at 6:00, and moving counterclockwise.
Indian River Light was light and fruity with a nice orangey finish, and slightly burnt aftertaste.
Cornhusker Lager has a more homegrown taste with a smooth finish. It’s a good ‘drinkin beer.
Harvest Wheat Beer… Well, I was stupid and squeezed the lemon into the little glass, so it just tastes like lemon… Which is good.
Red Rooster Ale: this is very flavourful with a toffee aroma and subtle aftertaste. It goes well with the Buffalo Chicken spring rolls.
Indiana Pale Ale (haha, I get it!) is different from an IPA, I guess. It tastes a lot like Lemon Pledge, with a bitter aftertaste. It’s a bit disappointing, but good for variety, I guess.
Farmer John’s Oatmeal Stout: OMG this is soo good. It is like a cup of hot chocolate on the peak of a powdery mountain after slaying hip-deep tracks into it’s virgin slopes against a blue spring sky. I have to admit though, it would be hard to finish a whole pint, it is just a little rich.
Buffalo Bock (in the middle) is meh!
Kelly’s Irish Red Ale (not shown), nope, tastes like river.

The member of this beer family worth remembering is (by far) the Farmer John’s Oatmeal Stout. I am not a stout expert, but I was really impressed.

Overall, there is plenty to choose from and a good laid back atmosphere so this is a really great experience.

Farmer John’s Oatmeal Stout 5/5 (G2)

Ribs at Heartland

The Tin Whistle Brewing killer bee (dark honey ale)

Two days ago the Burnaby Eagles Australian Rules football club won their first premiership.

This drink is dedicated to the West Coast Saints whom were defeated that day.

Like the Saints, this beer came out flat. (buddum chink). Really flat, actually, even with a bit of agitation.

I am talking about the beer.

My friends on the Saints would really deserve a better beer than this one, but I can’t retract the toast now.

There is a faint honey aroma and a nice chocolatey taste that is quite smooth, especially for such a dark beer.

Overall this beer is quite disappointing, but I can see the potential. Obviously it lost its balls while sitting on the shelf, but that is really no excuse.

[xrr rating=2.5/5]