Russell Cream Ale

This premium craft beer is brewed in Surrey BC with the finest ingredients (Barley, Water, Malt and Yeast).

As they describe on their label “no shortcuts, no preservatives, no pasteurization.” Although this doesn’t make it automatically a good beer. It is certainly prerequisite.

This is a good beer. It is a full bodied beer that is not too intense. If you enjoy it cold, it has a smooth taste, and just a hint of caramelly aftertaste (which isn’t good, but hardly noticeable.

If you enjoy this warmer, the flavors will surface, a caramelly taste with a sugary aftertaste and a grain aroma.

[xrr rating=3.75/5]


Bowen Island Irish Cream Ale

This cream ale is different from other cream ales because it is Irish. In other words, you have to be more gentle with it. I dented one of the cans and it called me a cunt and ran away.

And it doesn’t taste like Irish cream.

The aroma is subtly spicy, and a little yucky. There is not much body. Nothing special.

But on the upside, the case came with a free hat!!:)

[xrr rating=3/5]