Bowen Island Brewing Hemp Blonde Ale

Leave it to Bowen Island Brewing to have a hippy-ass named brew like this. This beer has a mildly foggy look (imagine a hippy’s living room) with a dark amber colour(imagine a hippy’s teeth).

I don’t know why they would name it this, unless they actually put hemp in it… There are far better names with the same innuendo. “uncle herb’s blonde ale” or … Oh, “Bud” is already taken… Never mind…

as for the taste, it is sickly sweet and spicy like a sip of cheap sherry (just a lot milder, thank God).

Although this beer isn’t quite in the “what were they thinking!?” league of Gentleman Jim, or Father John (you can search my site if you don’t know what I am talking about…) it is most certainly bad.

It is a good thing they are putting this whizz in their combo pack, because there is no way anyone in their right mind would buy this.

Mind you, judging from the name, they are marketing it to stoners anyway… Maybe they are on to something.

[xrr rating=1.25/5]


Russell Lemon Ale

This is a “cold filtered wheat ale infused with natural lemon essence.”

The result is a beautifully clear and light-tasting beer with the subtle taste and aroma of lemons, and a very slight wheat taste.

This is probably a beautiful beer to enjoy on a warm day, maybe on a patio. Right now the weather is “Vancouver mild” do I can only use my imagination.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]
Rating 4.25/5


Driftwood Brewery “Driftwood” Ale

Driftwood Brewery’s self-titled ale is slightly cloudy and mild, a little like a watery spring day in Vancouver.

Although it is mild enough to be appealing to a lot of people, it is lacking in character and body to really appeal to me.

Mind you, this is one time where the GScore is working to it’s disadvantage, since it has followed a very good beer.

Still, the “cotton candy malt notes and a hint of fruit” are not enough to make this any better than middle class.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]