New Grist at the Whistler Beer Festival


Today I went to the Whistler Beer Festival. I biked up around noon, and was looking forward to trying the three… yes, three Gluten-Free beers that were available, and taking home a free souvenir mug. Of course I have already tried the Glutenberg and New Grist, so I was not expecting much in terms of surprises.

When I rode up on my bike and saw the crappy plastic souvenir mug, and heard the obnoxious accordion music, I just said “fuck it… I have better things to do.” I went for a rip on some of the trails on my bike and had my own beer festival at home.

Such is my new attitude when choosing health over awesome beer!

New Grist

Somewhere in Wisconsin this beer with the funny name is made, and somehow, is the most accessible easy-drinking Gluten-free beer in the world.

It is not organic, which is too bad. But up until a few weeks ago, this has been in my fridge every day for the past month… Next to the Bards and Schniter Brau.

It has a straw colour, and a lively but short-lived head, with a mild yeast aroma.

It is mild tasting with a slight citrus flavour, and no real aftertaste. It easily replaces a hefeweizen on a beautiful summer day like today.


Phillips Brewing Rifflandabrau Pilsner

This month the Phillips Show Case pack is featuring the Rifflandia Pilsner, which is dedicated to the Rifflandia festival held this weekend on the island.

It is really an admirable marketing ploy. Equally admirable, is this delicious pilsner that has a subtle sweetness and excellent drinkability.

I sank these three bad boys as fast as a Van Halen hammer-on.

Hopefully when this festival ends, the beer will re-incarnate, or at least return next year.

[xrr rating=4.75/5]



Steam Whistle Pilsner

Brewed using four ingredients in an old Toronto Roundhouse, Steam Whistle Pilsner is a super-clean tasting pilsner with a slightly bitter edge, and subtle sweetness that lingers afterwards.

Although it is a nice beer, I have found a number of them suffering from a slinky taste. It could be the green glass, or the way it is handled, but luckily this bottle tasted just fine.

[xrr rating=4/5]
Rating =4/5
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