Four Winds Brewing Saison Brett

Today is my last day at the office before Christmas vacation, and I decided it was time to uncork one of my bottles of Four Winds Brewing Saison Brett.

It was a lovely day, nine degrees, cloudy, Vancouver mildness at its best.

Add in a former Vancouverite claiming he was allegedly speed-bagged outside a night club, because he forgot everybody hates his guts here, and you have just the right amount of meaningless theatre to keep this town interesting.

Back to classy things, I picked up two bottles of Four Winds Saison Brett after reading an article in the Province, and deciding to track it down. I managed to find a couple of bottles at Scotty’s Liquor store in Squamish on my way back from Whistler. I also picked up a handful of other beauties that I hope to share with you soon.


I did not agitate or roll the bottle, instead allowing the sediment in the bottle-conditioned beer to sit on the bottom.

The cork came off relatively easily, with no pop. The first glass was a clear amber colour with excellent head, requiring some patience to pour. The aroma was delightfully complex and unusual.

Aged in Okanagan red wine barrels.

This beer is interesting because it was aged in wine barrels, and I’m no expert, but I think the barrels transferred some of the taste of red wine into the beer. It has a surprisingly refreshing fruity taste. Slightly citrus, moderately woody, and very flavourful.

It was described on the bottle as “straw and earth.” I am glad I didn’t taste any earth.

Is it good?

The second glass was a lot more foggy and just a little more dry and subtly bitter.

This is a tasteful piece of art, and the efforts here should be appreciated. Although i wouldn’t drink it every day, it is definitely something special.


Saison Dupont

In the sleepy town of Margaret River there is a little restaurant called “Must.”  It has the typical clean-and-simple Australian decor, a kick-ass beer list, and staff with French accents… they type o staff that will flip your napkin from the table into your lap as if to say (…do a french accent in your head when you read this) “mon dieu, you are like a little baby who has never been in a restaurant before, perhaps you would like me to also change your poopy diaper you stupid American!.”   Of course I don’t say anything because I don’t want to increase the likelihood of my food being spat on.

Anyhoo, the food here was also great… the fries (chips, whatever) are nice and thin, just how I like it.

I tried a nice belgian beer called Saison Dupont.  You may remember my introduction to Saison beers last summer, and I was freaking out, I loved it so much.  This is the first saison I have tried that is actually from Belgium, and it is superbly aromatic and flavourful.  It was a cloudy amber colour, a little darker than I expected, and had a nice smooth subtly fruity and floral taste.  Tray Bone!  Tray Bone!!

For more information you can visit the Dupont website here:

[xrr rating=5/5]