Sleeman Light

I can’t believe I bought this. They snuck it in with a taster pack.

I really don’t like light beer, I just don’t like the idea of it.  That being said, light beer in Canada still has 4% alcohol, more than most normal American beers.  Still, I don’t think this beer makes the cut for any light beer.  Perhaps, however, since this is my first light beer review, it may reflect the fact that I have yet to develop an appreciation for beer with no flavour and less alcohol… and appreciation for the alternative to lemonade that also makes it illegal for you to drive.

We all know I am not an expert, just a normal guy who drinks his share of the golden brew, but my experience with this beer was a very real disappointment.

Take water, add a squeeze of lemon and some sugar in a bucket, then add a dirty sock.

Voila, Sleemans light!

[xrr rating=0.5/5]