Harvester Brewing IPA 2


Harvester Brewing IPA 2 is made in my former home of Portland, Oregon. This completely gluten-free brewery and gastropub has recently changed its name to Groundbreaker Brewing. It calls to me! I would love to visit someday, but in the meantime, a bottle of their IPA 2 has made it into my living room.

It has a lively head with medium duration. The floral aroma is moderately strong and slightly bitter. The taste has a moderately intense bitterness (60 ibu).

There is a slight burnt chestnut aftertaste, but if you have ever had a bad chestnut… Its a little like that. The alcohol percentage is 6%. The foam caresses the side of the glass like torn lace, with a slim body.

My wife was drinking Four Winds IPA, and I tried a sip in a “head to head.” Four winds is better, too bad I cant drink it.

Harvester (Groundbreaker) Brewing IPA 2 is a delightful IPA, and the best GF IPA I have tried.


Hopworks Urban Brewery IPA Organic Beer

After a long voyage from Austarlia, I brought the family to Whistler for a few days of relaxation to recover from the jet-lag. I always get my ass kicked by jet lag when I return from Australia. The combination of fatigue, the change of hours, and the the darkness of Vancouver in deep winter is always hard on me and the family. It is harder still when you have a toddler with jet lag as well.

When I do fall asleep at night, invariably, my three year old will be awake, asking me to go to the park. At three in the morning. Bloody hell!

On the up-side this beer was phenomenal. I always give extra marks to an organic beer. I eat everything organic… just about, so why not beer, I say?

The Hopworks Urban Brewery IPA Organic Beer has an excellent, persistent head, foggy amber colour, and a mild citrus aroma. It has a moderately intense citrus taste with a hint of pine. It has a thick texture, and a mild hoppy taste that just nibbles at you. The sweetness in the aftertaste washes away any bite.


Mill St Brewery “Curious Parrot”

Well this is 28 perfectly sunny days in Vancouver.  Today, for once, the sky is clear, and the smog has lifted, and there is a great view of the gulf islands from here in Port Moody.


Mill St Brewery’s “Curious Parrot” is a slightly foggy amber-copper colour, with a citrus scent, and medium head.  The first sip has a nice surprising bite that quickly smooths out and disappears, making appearances that are more and mire faint with the sips that follow.  The feeling in the mouth turns more and more slick as the glass empties.

The foam clings to the side of the glass leaving a ghostly drooping lace.

This is a lovely beer.  Smooth, and mild mannered, but with a bite that surprises you like a dirty one-liner.